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What Defines Corny Rap?

He had a popular YouTube Channel comprised entirely of funny skits, played a character on NBC’s “Community” and performed stand-up comedy on the side. The foundation of humor and a general attitude of goofing around was reflected heavily in his early music. “ Freaks and Geeks ,” one of his first songs to get people’s attention, is made up almost entirely of set-ups and punch lines. Seriously, 70 percent of the song is made up of couplets. This started to be thematically frustrating when he stopped the constant braggadocio and turned to his emotional side. On the last track of “Because of The Internet,” in a torrent of anxiety and introspection, Gambino articulates his darker feelings through the same kind of punchlines such as “I bought friends like TBS” or “[We] hide the deepest desires and wear a mask like a lucha…” While this juxtaposition of themes and execution seems to be at least partially intentional, his reliance on these “Dad Joke”-like bars seemed to cause people to write him off as corny. However something happened with Childish Gambino, something that didn’t really happen for any other rapper on this list: growth. His music gradually became more complex from the production to the lyrics, and his most recent album, “ Awaken! My Love ,” was not even a rap album all. Instead, he opted for an electronic funk/soul track list.

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